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National Express Bus.

National Express Bus is the largest passenger bus operator in the Midlands and the 2nd largest in the UK carrying 1 million people every day. As well as the West Midlands, NX Bus also operates services in Coventry and Dundee.

What we do for NX Bus

Over 1,000,000 lines of timetable & route data.

The National Express Bus website puts every timetable and route for every bus operated at the click of a mouse. The site is intuitive enough to remember visitors and the region that is relevant to them.

Every bus in the palm of your hand

Every bus in the palm of your hand.

A smartphone-specific version of the site was developed to give users the information they need, in a very digestible format, when they need it the most - on-the-move.

Huge spikes in traffic
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Huge spikes in traffic. Effortlessly dealt with.

The National Express Bus website is prone to exponential increases in traffic at times when the road network comes under extreme pressure. Heavy snowfall always results in huge spikes as users are eager to find out which bus routes are operational. Our flexible, virtual hosting platform means that it's simple to ramp up server performance at a moment's notice to cope with these temporary spikes which can often be 10 times the regular throughput.

Riot gear
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Riot gear.

Also, it's not a stat we'd prefer to have, but the site came under heavy duress when it became an essential information tool for people eager to leave Birmingham city centre speedily during the summer riots of 2011. Over the five days of rioting, the site experienced an average 400% increase in daily visits.

Transacting Travelcards

Transacting Travelcards.

During 2012, we have been building a bespoke e-commerce platform to fulfil the purchasing of National Express' range of Travelcard products. This platform handles thousands of transactions every single day, is true consumer e-commerce and, as such, needs to be robust enough to process hundreds of purchases simultaneously.

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