Confucius believed that if people lived by moral and ethical principles, they could reach happiness and bring peace and harmony to the world… and who doesn’t want some of that?

Sadly, it’s not always that simple, though, is it?

In reality, I wonder if lying is ever acceptable? Is allowing ignorance to prevail OK in order not to cause a stir? If under instruction from a more senior individual, can you absolve responsibility for unethical actions? Is whistleblowing acceptable if friends/relatives will lose their job? Is it ethical to run communications programmes for businesses viewed as unethical – albeit legal?

The PRCA and CIPR will be discussing these and other issues at a joint Ethical Challenge event on Tuesday, 2nd October at the John Lewis Community Hub, John Lewis Birmingham, Grand Central, 2 Station Street, Birmingham B2 2AU from 5.45pm to 7.30pm.

We have three fantastic speakers:

Claire Walker chairs the PRCA’s National Professional Practice Committee and is also an approved PRCA trainer. Claire is founder and CEO of Firefly Communications which is now in its 30th year.

Shani Ellis is PR, marketing and community liaison coordinator at John Lewis Birmingham. Shani trained as a journalist and held a number of other in-house positions prior to joining John Lewis.

Silke Machold is professor of corporate governance and dean of research at Wolverhampton University. Silke is also the editor of the International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics.

The speakers will each give an overview of why ethical practice is so important to them, followed by a Q&A panel session, whereby questions collated in advance will be put to the speakers.

Please send your ethical dilemmas and challenges to me They will be aired anonymously, if you prefer.

We are hoping for some lively debate!

You can register here:

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