Previously at Spark44 working with the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, GE, and Bridgestone, Anna joins us as our new Account Manager, and shares her thoughts on her first month as a Bear.

‘Nice to e-meet you!’ – a line included in all initial emails to my new colleagues and clients. If I had the choice of meeting people in real life, or typing these words over and and over again – it would have been the former every time. But here we are, only slowly getting back to normal, and there’s still a few people, like me, starting a new job working from home.

I actually (secretly) enjoyed digging out some nice work clothes in the past month to meet with my mama and papa bears, and have been lucky enough to meet some clients too – it’s not pixelated faces all the time.

Being a cub here for the past month has been liberating, getting the opportunity to voice my ideas, show off some creativity, and don’t even get me started on the glory of filling out Beth’s spreadsheets. The main thing my first month at OBB has taught me though? It’s not only okay, but encouraged to be an enlightened human being rather than a forced labourer.

I have proudly been stomping along a nice but rough career path in the past five years, and have met with some wonderful people along the way. But now, I have found my real bear cave. My middle name, Bernadett, actually means ‘brave bear’ – so I am coming out of hibernation, and am ready to Be Fierce.