The brief

The objectives:

  • Reach the 17-24 age group
  • Achieve 250,000 video views across the 6 films
  • Achieve an engagement rate of 5%
  • Deliver an ROI 1:1

What we did:

From previous campaign results and findings from social listening, we knew that we needed to deliver content that was emotive, relatable, short, and featured males. So, we delivered six short films that covered a range of scenarios. Check out our videos for festivals, holidays, Christmas and more below.

The numbers


people reached across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.


video views across social media, with a cost per view of just 0.01p


Increase in engagement, and an ROI of 6

Why did it work?

Not only were all the films funny and relatable, but each film was posted in-line with big events (e.g. the festival film was released in-line with the announcement of major festivals – Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, V Festival and BoomTown), while the airport films were released at the start of the summer season when people would be thinking about travelling and going on holiday.

Posting across organic and paid social media followed suit, with paid advertising copy being further tailored to account for gender differences and the specified 17-24 age group.

Overall the campaign has been highly effective. The results exceeded all expectations and objectives, with the numbers continuing to grow day-by-day, which just goes to show what the power of social media, the power of video, and the power of what trying something new can really do!