Enough of the artificial already. Get real.

Artificial Intelligence is a very real threat.

Think I’ve figured out what AI really stands for: Abject Indifference.

I’m talking, of course, about the rather strange gathering of monied Bond villains held (ironically) within the splendour of ‘Camp Clandestine’. AKA Bletchley Park.

What a strange (and strained) bunch of meets and greets that was.

Amid the lashings of tech’ infused social awkwardness and abundant black Amex cards, some truly weird things were said.

See, according to the world’s richest person, it’s all just a matter of simple choice: ‘AI will do everything. So, you can have a job  but only if you want one. Y’know, if you need a bit of purpose and meaning. But don’t feel compelled’.

Oh ok, thanks for that. Earn a living to support you and your loved ones – but don’t stress if you can’t be arsed, just let the computer do it.

I mean, forget for a minute that we don’t raise anywhere near enough in tax revenues to fund our beleaguered, cash strapped public services as it is.

Merely an inconvenient truth that.

No, let’s go even further and suggest that our much patronised, ‘hard working families’ don’t bother doing a stroke of work for the treasury at all anymore.

And best of all, this oh so bold comment met with awkward amusement by our very own economics grandmaster. Oh, and former Chancellor. Oh, and current PM. And latterly, chief courter of tech’ titans. And, oh yeah, did I mention fellow billionaire? (Btw, that last tag doesn’t half help in times of ‘enforced retirement’.)

Go fund that one then Rishi. An entire workforce doing nowt. Sounds like a bit of a bigger bill than furlough. And forever too.

In a feeding frenzy of all things artificial, we don’t half need some side orders of real world, common sense too.

And not from someone who doesn’t need to work either.
Computer says….doss.

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Artificial Intelligence is a very real threat.