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The toil for loyal

26th January, 2021

If you read my blog on Brand Storytelling, you’ll know that brains are lazy. Taking up 2% of our body, the bloody things use up 20% of our energy – and even if you haven’t been watching BBC Bitesize maths for KS3 (*ahem*), you’ll know that’s a lot.

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Talk to me

18th September, 2020

Now more than ever authentic communication is key. Appreciating I’ve used Terry Tibbs to illustrate this point, I think we’re all kinda bored of the bollocks. If we’re going to engage with a product, it’s the brand that’s got to speak… and not like we’re thick, or don’t understand.

Talk to me. Not at me.

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Zooming into a new role

16th September, 2020

Our new PR & Social Executive, Emily Burton, gives us the low-down (or should I say lockdown) on how she found starting a job in the ‘new normal’ world.

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