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Hitting a six for Triton

23rd August, 2019

The idea started life as a pro-active shout when Triton mentioned their involvement with Nuneaton CCC. We couldn’t resist putting a few thoughts down on paper and the loofer / cricket bat image quickly came to mind as a lovely, simple idea. The idea was then brought to life by the fantastic Dave Geary at Tank Top Media in local press and 6 sheets around Nuneaton. (Thanks for fielding this one Dave).

Another example of OBB knocking it out of the park? We hope you think so.

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Advertising Space

30th July, 2019

Like the majority, I’ve been absorbed in the recent wave of moon landing related content, and understanding the wider narrative of the political, social and creative revolution surrounding it.

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Building more 4walls

22nd July, 2019

One Black Bear’s redesign of Larson-Juhl’s 4walls magazine has increased customer consumption and played a significant part in the company’s UK rebrand – which went live in January this year.

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