Spirit Healthcare approached us with a brief to promote their finest needle Insupen. The brief was simple: ‘size matters’ and we instantly knew we had to think differently to avoid the obvious gags.

The idea lay in the product benefit. Rather than clutter the messaging with bold claims and statements, to stand out and cut through we used the medium to deliver the product benefit. The thickness of the needle is just 0.1mm (the finest on the market) so we made the thickness of the headline text the same for press and DM – making it a real ‘stop me and read me’ in amongst all the noise.

Obviously this works great in print but not so well for digital where screen size and resolution come into play. For those channels we explored different messaging picking up on the ‘width of a human hair’ analogy. We utilised a visual that would make us all think something’s on our screen. Again making the whole messaging really noticeable and stand out among the scrolling. Without the whizz bang and flashing colours that fill our feeds. But again, reinforcing the message with typography that demands concentration.

  • Jon & Rich Creative concept