Just because an advert is business to business, it doesn’t need to be boring. We’ve created a piece of B2B video advertising for Circular&Co. that doesn’t follow the usual B2B conventions…

Just one strand of Circular&Co.’s wonderful work is Returnables. Returnable schemes replace single-use cups with Circular Returnable Cups. Allowing customers to simply drop their cup back after they’ve used it, often into handily placed collection points around the place they’re visiting.

Circular Returnable Cups are perfect for destinations like Blenheim Palace, the Eden Project and at National Trust properties, as well as across forward-thinking cities like Bristol – all places you’ll already find them.

This ad is a message to cafes, businesses, organisations, towns and cities across the world to bury the bad habit of single-use cups and move towards the promised light of returnables. With Circular&Co. ready to help them make the transition into the next realm, a much less wasteful one.

Every year we put hundreds of millions of single use cups in landfill. Well, it’s time we put them in the ground for the last time.
It’s time businesses up and down the land said goodbye to single-use cups and switched to returnables.

To help bring this message to life, we drew on the directing services of Alan Powdrill, supported by the production expertise of Phil Kerr @ The Good Guys.

This B2B video advertising piece has been created in 60, 30, and 15 second edits, accompanied by a funeral order of service direct mail that will be dropping onto carefully selected doormats. This is a fun and quirky campaign designed to live long in the memory.

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