Errr, how are you? Good, did you see the match last night? How’s your mum?… Look it’s not you, it’s me.

In 2014, Stephen Elop sent an email to Nokia employees explaining the future of the company under Microsoft.

It started with a rather informal “Hello there” and then quickly descended into some of the most corporate nonsense I’ve ever read. The word ‘strategy’ is used three times in the first four sentences. ‘Microsoft’ is mentioned five times in that same intro, just in case the recipients were in any doubt who it was from (and about).

It talks about ‘digital life experiences’, ‘financial envelopes’ and ‘accruing value’.

Then in paragraph 11 he finally gets to the point of the communication: “an estimated reduction of 12,500 factory direct and professional employees”.

Wow, a load of waffle and stumbling before telling 12,500 people they’re up the road.

The whole point of our existence as a creative agency is to cut through all the bullshit and make our clients relevant in customers lives.

Don’t hide behind all the corporate nonsense just because it’s where you feel most comfortable.

It’s not about you, it never has been. It’s about the people out there, the real everyday folk that you need to convince you’re important. Those whose attention and money you so desperately crave.

What’s in it for them?
Will it wash my undies whiter, satisfy my hunger, stop me looking older, offer the drive of my life, make me happy?

Leave the buzzwords and beating around the bush in your overly produced internal powerpoint presentations and remember talk to real people like they’re well, real people.

Read Elop’s email here.