Brand deep dive – Having trouble finding a team prepared to dive deep enough to understand your brand?
OBB could well be your lifeline.

Deep sea divers are in short supply.

The North Sea oil business offers rich pickings for those who brave its frigid depths to repair pipelines and the like – often in excess of £200k for 6 months work.

Cue sharp intake of breath.

So the money’s decent but it’s also highly dangerous. Once back on terra firma the decompression and recovery process is more lengthy than that of a returning astronaut.

The stress to complete a job before oxygen levels run thin is immense. Injuries are commonplace due to huge, submerged machinery and visibility is often extremely poor.

Not one for snowflakes then – that’s for sure.

As you’d expect, robots have replaced the more routine tasks however humans still do the more involved, exploratory exercises requiring huge experience and insight.

Something that sorts the good agencies from the others perhaps? Especially if this report is to be believed.

Often it’s tough finding those prepared to venture out further than the shoreline in order to really extol the virtues of  your brand.

But journey a bit further out and that’s where pearls are found.

Our band of intrepid adventurers remain calm around unearthly pressures or inclement deadlines.

So wave a hand to the ditherers in the shallows because you’ve just found a bunch of rare deep dive thinkers.

Thanks for reading. And breathe.

If you’d like to send us into the abyss, drop us a note saying: ‘How’s the visibility down there?’ here.