On the eve of THE vote, the over riding feeling surrounding the debates has been the use and misuse of facts and experts.

An old saying goes ‘If facts were interesting, the phonebook would be a best seller’.

This is because we easily get bored with arguments based in data, far more fun to to grab headlines with ludicrous soundbites and then close our ears to those that dissent with a counter rational argument.

Data is our fact.

While experts and computer programmes constantly feed us data and truths, they never tell us how to apply emotion.

This is the secret sauce we need to add in order to turn spreadsheets into sales.

This is what we do.

We sprinkle emotional supercharge (otherwise known as creativity) over data.
Because without it, you’re left with people switching off and looking around for connections and excitement elsewhere.

AI is on the rise and taking huge leaps forward thanks to IBM Watson (which even took over the editorship of industry mag The Drum recently) and as Rich wrote in his piece on copywriting, Goldman Sachs is investing in bots that can pen a word or two. But the true test will be can a piece of AI sit in front of your CEO and excite her about the possibilites creativity brings to the table.

Next time you’re bored to tears by logic and reason from your current agency, think, where can I turn to get some good old fashioned passion poured over the top of it all.

In fact, think One Black Bear.

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