85% of our client income is earned from businesses who are based within 20 miles of the agency office in Birmingham. This is a good thing.

The biggest client of the agency, National Express, is at the end of the road in Digbeth.
The most long-standing, IM Group (Subaru/Isuzu), is in Coleshill.
Both work with a multitude of other agencies that are scattered across the UK in London, Manchester and beyond – so we’re hoping it’s not just convenience that keeps us together.

Protectionism, even on a local basis is something we disagree with.
Hire the best people for the job. Always.
It’s 2016, distance shouldn’t be a barrier to providing a level of service. But it must be a factor when building a relationship.

I started my career before email and mobile phones existed. Relationships were built by face to face meetings. Ideas were sold by having honest and frank conversations.
Now, dozens of emails fly around by the hour about pieces of artwork, TV edits and user journeys. It couldn’t all be done face to face so why does being nearby help?

People still buy people.

Being able to get together with our clients on a regular (quite often daily) basis and discuss problems while occasionally finding instant solutions with them.

Working to the principle that as the client, you best understand your issues and requirements and that we as the communications experts best understand how to convey them to maximise a positive response, then it’s important we spend time together.

Emails, mobiles and Skype mean we all communicate now more than ever and that’s without even mentioning Social Media – but there’s nothing like looking into someone’s eyes, seeing their anxiety or excitement first hand and being able to respond instantly to it.

Share the pain and elation, understand what each other is going through. 
At One Black Bear, we believe no client should feel alone or disconnected from their agency, project or indeed their own brand. And vice-versa.

In this world of digital ease, we still believe familiarity breeds content, not contempt.