Dodo pizza appoints UK creative agency

Dodo, the international gourmet pizza chain has appointed One Black Bear to help push its continued expansion within the UK.
Already based in 15 countries, Dodo has bold ambitions to be the equivalent of Dominos with outlets right across the world. A truly tech’ led fast food business, Dodo currently has a handful of UK stores with plans for many more.

With its more artisan, gourmet approach to pizza. Ranging from its signature Roman-style dough and topped with local, British toppings including lobster & mango. To the most colourful and amazing salad bowls. One Black Bear will look to bolster awareness and propel the brand both tactically and strategically.

Speaking about the appointment, Kate Hartshorn, Managing Partner at One Black Bear said:. “This is a really exciting one for us. A pizza brand that’s looking to shake up a very crowded marketplace thanks to a fantastic product and a huge dollop of creativity. It’s our aim to grow with Dodo as they gain a foothold in the UK market and position them firmly in the mind of UK pizza fans.”

Misha Chernyshev of Dodo Pizza added:. “We have exciting ambitions for our brand and One Black Bear are a great fit to help us meet those ambitions. They have provided clever tech’ solutions to meet our marketing targets. Plus some completely crazy leftfield stuff to grab attention and create noise for our brand.”

Dodo pizza appoints UK creative agency

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