Technology means it’s never been easier for agency functions to move in-house. However, since the dawn of time, we’ve always needed that special someone in our lives.

About two and a half thousand years ago, in Ancient Greece, Aristophanes spoke of a myth.

That all humans had once been twice what they are now.
Two heads, four arms and legs, two sets of genitals etc.
They were very powerful and a threat to the Gods.
So, Zeus decided to weaken them by cutting them in two.

Now divided, they longed for their original form so searched for their ‘other half’.

When reunited, they would be overcome with affection and desire for that person.
This became known as ‘love’.

A lot is made of finding the perfect partner in our industry.

Agencies court their desired clients and clients seek out the right fit in an agency.

We all have a need for a better half.

With the development of technology and it’s affordability, it’s never been easier for agency functions to move in-house.

Artwork, photography, copywriting, design, web development and even strategic thinking & ideas are being drawn in.

Of course (and I would say this wouldn’t I?), this is a misguided practice and the majority who have tried it in the past have seen the error of their ways.

As agency people, we thrive on expanding our sphere of experiences.

Day to day we immerse ourselves in different ideas for different industries.

Variety is the spice of our lives and our clients benefit from this, as we benefit from their knowledge, expertise and experience.

If you’re a Marketing Director, don’t be lonely, seek out an agency to share an exciting future with.
Drop us a note, we might just be your missing other half.