The brief

As a measure to help alleviate the national nursing recruitment issue, NHS Health Education England proposed an initiative to convince nurses no longer in the profession to consider returning. The goal being to persuade lapsed nursing staff to complete a ‘Return To Practice’ programme against a backdrop of problems:

  • The nursing community would be going on strike during the campaign;
  • Morale of nursing staff in the NHS at an all-time low;
  • Some of the reasons nurses had left the NHS were still prevalent;
  • Previous return-to-practice programmes didn’t support returning nurses enough;
  • 13 regions to promote, each with different requirements;
  • Super-fast turnaround required.

The numbers


people were expected to return to practice before the campaign.


people signed up within the first month.


increase in the number of applications.


saved for the NHS in training new nurses. £53,361,500 to be exact.


page views on the website we produced for the campaign.