The story

Over a year ago, we had the idea to get companies to ‘donate their homepage to help the homeless’.
This was more than just a play on the word ‘home’, it was potentially a huge FIRST for a charity of any description.

Through placing a temporary splash page over a participants actual homepage, visitors would have the option to carry on viewing their intended domain or be diverted to learn about the work of St.Basil’s – the Birmingham based charity founded to eradicate youth homelessness.

Into the bargain, visitors would be asked to sign up for future newsletters and in doing so, we’d reach out to more potential supporters/corporate donations.

Through some good old, dogged cold calling and persuasion, twenty six companies (One Black Bear included) were persuaded to ‘donate their homepage’ on the designated day of September 30th – just one day away from St.Basil’s 44th birthday.
Each one featured the red, dominant homepage in unison on the allotted day and we’re very much hoping that this ‘pilot’ event becomes an annual thing with lots more companies offering up their homepage to help the homeless.

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