Attracting older passengers with free bus passes has long been a major headache for National Express West Midlands Bus.

With people choosing to drive until much later in life, the bus had fallen down the pecking order when it comes to travel choices. And yet the bus opens up so many great possibilities for this more mature age group – and it’s FREE.

As always, our solution to the brief was a big, fierce thought that transcends the humble free bus pass and conveys a much bigger emotion and call to action.

Getting on and loving it’ looks to celebrate getting that bit older by using real life examples – initially Millie and Kevin – and how they love using the bus in their everyday lives.

A passion for photography, book clubs and even the study of roundabouts are among the reasons you’ll regularly find our Millie and Kevin ‘Getting on a loving it’ and their stories are played out as video content supported by local press.

Millie's Story

Kevin's Story

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  • Creative Directors Elwell/Harrison
  • Copywriter Richard Elwell
  • Art Director Jason Vinciguerra
  • Photographer Manvir
  • Production Co Kingdom
  • Radio Production Cube