West Midlands Network realised that a high proportion of young people were failing to wear face masks on public transport.

This wasn’t due to a lack of material telling them to wear masks – more to do with the way they were being told. Barked, negative instructions clearly weren’t working and so something more engaging and persuasive was needed.


Our positive approach dangled a big but simple carrot.
Wearing a mask when you’re travelling will help speed up getting our lives back. The sooner the infection rate drops, the sooner all the good stuff will be possible again like festivals, gigs, sporting events and holidays.

Our campaign theme was ‘Mask up now and get your *add fun thing here* face on sooner’. Fun, oversized masks were used to create visual impact and the campaign ran on OOH, digital and social across the region.

  • Jon Harrison & Richard Elwell Concept
  • Jason Vinciguerra Art Direction
  • Kate Hartsorn Strategy and Account Director