The Big Sleepout is now a well established and sublimely organised event raising loads of money in the process for St.Basil’s, our longstanding Midlands charity client that has worked tirelessly for almost 50 years to help young people at risk of homelessness.

Over the ten years we’ve partnered with St Basils we like to think that we’ve helped turn up the spotlight on homelessness not just in Birmingham but across the West Midlands region.

Our latest work for the event draws on the simple notion that just by closing your eyes, you can help others open theirs to the issue of youth homelessness.

The simple visual hook of using type to form facial features is a very sweet way of capturing the essence of the event.

Sign up to the Coventry SleepOut here or The Big SleepOut in Birmingham here.

  • Jon Harrison & Richard Elwell Concept
  • Jon Harrison & Jason Vinciguerra Typography
  • Lee Bryan Animation