This is a year where we should all speed up, not hit the brakes.

When pilots come in to land on an aircraft carrier, what do they do?

The natural assumption is that they’d slow the plane down to a gentle landing on deck then hit the brakes as hard as possible to avoid slipping off the end of the tiny strip of metal.

The opposite is in fact true.

As they touch down, it’s time to hit full thrust and speed up.

The reason they do this is that if anything was to go wrong with the landing, they’re already getting up to speed where they can successfully take off and attempt to land again.

A complex hook and rubber band system is essentially what brings them to a halt and stops them falling to the bottom of ocean.

This is how we’re approaching 2017 (happy new year by the way). No letting up, just a full throttle approach to all of the challenges that face us.

As the Christmas High Street numbers come in, there’s more talk of economies slowing.
Add to this the political instability the world over and you’d think this year may be our last.
For some, this doom and gloom outlook will have them slamming on the brakes retreating to the hills and hoping that it all goes away while they ride out further turmoil.

However, I implore you all to be positive and full of optimism for the coming twelve months.
It will bring a multitude of challenges but more importantly, many opportunities.

It’s gonna be fun. Just as long as we all keep on accelerating.