Holding on to childish notions and having fun with creativity. The first of our Fierce Talks couldn’t have had a better speaker.

On 16th May, we invited creative legend (and yes, that word is appropriate) Mark Denton along to the Bear cave here in Birmingham to give his hugely entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking talk on the Power of Puerility.

Almost 100 people turned out to see him and they included film makers, photographers, illustrators, creatives & suits from other agencies (I know, how brave of us) and clients – including ones we have, and others we’d love to work with. The feedback we received from the gathered masses was brilliant to say the least and if you ever get a chance to see Mark in action, don’t miss it.

Mark will be releasing a book very shortly with the same title and you can pre-order it here.

We’ll be putting on another Fierce Talk later in the year, so keep an eye on all our social channels for news and ticket details (remember, it’s free and open to everyone – the more the merrier and we’re passionate about sharing the love).