The idea

Unfortunately, we weren’t successful in our pitch but still felt compelled to act against a condition that can result in loss of sight, limbs and even death.

Out of 48,000 patients referred, only 18,000 actually turn up to programmes. There are also 5 million people at risk of developing Type 2.

These figures were made all the more poignant by our team having close relatives and friends who manage their Type 2 symptoms on a 24/7 basis.

As our film states, simply by taking a seat, you could prevent Type 2 diabetes taking a life. Watch the film below, and visit the website here.

Watch the film

The print campaign

To accompany the social film, posters will be issued to GP’s surgeries further stressing the message.

Stark and to the point, it features an empty chair on a prevention programme – something we’re hoping to address massively with our campaign.