Circular&Co. are at the forefront of sustainable product innovation, making products that work wonderfully, look lovely and also protect our planet. Alongside our Returnables project, we have had the privilege of working with the Circular&Co. team to make this “Pretty. Rubbish.” creative advertising campaign, highlighting their latest Reusable product collections.

We have particularly enjoyed bringing our own brand of creative advertising to these sustainable products. The campaign revolves around the clever juxtaposition of self-deprecating humour with a premium look. Our goal was to capture the essence of Circular&Co.’s mission: to turn everyday waste into something truly wonderful.


Central to the campaign are stunning visuals that elevate the beauty of these products. Each headline carries a playful twist, paired with imagery that makes you rethink rubbish. From sleek reusable cups made of single-use cups, to drinks bottles made from recycled stainless steel, the products are showcased in a way that makes sustainability desirable and attainable.


What is circularity?

Circularity is at the heart of the Circular&Co. approach, hence the name. Circularity is a pretty simple idea. By using waste materials to make new products that are fully recyclable, we reuse the same materials over and over, closing the circle. This drastically reduces CO2 emissions, stops consumption of the Earth’s resources, and eliminates pollution; the three biggest environmental challenges.

This campaign is supported in print by a Metro wrap like no other. With minimal copy and a simple stain on the cover, this design draws commuters’ attention to the inside pages that tell the story of this remarkable brand and its products. The message? Circular Design is the only way not to leave a stain on the planet.

Our campaign stretches across digital platforms and outdoor media, ensuring that Circular&Co.’s message reaches a wide audience.

There’s even a suitably rubbish radio ad to go with it.

Our pretty rubbish radio ad

We’re excited to see this project drive awareness and encourage more people to choose sustainable options in their daily lives.

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  • Rich Elwell Creative Partner
  • Jenny Ray and Tristan Vere-Hoose Creatives
  • Kimberley Bishop Designer
  • Lucy Bennett Account Director
  • Darryn Moore Artworker
  • Tank Top Media