The idea

Creative Christmas Card for Age UK

This year, we partnered with Age UK Birmingham to create a unique and powerful Christmas card that raises awareness about dementia.

The UK has over 850,000 people with some form of dementia, and every three minutes, another person develops this disease. This means that their memories, including happy times like Christmas, will gradually disappear.

Our card serves as a poignant reminder of the impact of dementia on individuals and their loved ones. It features a happy, Christmas scene that slowly fades away, leaving the elderly person depicted on the card standing alone. This symbolizes the effects of dementia on memories and relationships. A heart-breaking image for a heart-warming good cause.

This effect is made possible because the card’s design is printed with a new form of disappearing ink, which means that key elements of the scene naturally fade away over a few days as soon as it’s removed from the envelope.

Proceeds generated by the cards go towards supporting Age UK Birmingham’s work with older people living with dementia.

You can donate here:

  • Jenny Green & Tristan Vere-Hoose CREATIVE CONCEPT
  • Abbie Reilly ILLUSTRATION