St Basils have the answer

Exam papers are daunting, anxiety inducing, nerve-wracking. Every year in the UK, millions of young people face them. Scribbling away to answer questions about every subject under the sun.

But some young people are facing questions in their day-to-day lives that are daunting, anxiety inducing and nerve-wracking in a more fundamental way. Problems that feel impossible. Questions of survival, hunger and shelter. Questions that no young person should have to answer as they confront homelessness.

That’s why with this campaign for St Basils we’re highlighting this lived reality by presenting the problems facing young people affected by homelessness in the form of some of the toughest exam questions you’ll ever see.

You can sit down and face these questions for real by picking up a copy of the Metro, or What’s On Birmingham, as they will feature in print throughout December.

This year, St Basils mark their 50th anniversary of being there to help young people solve these problems. Every year they help over 4,000 16-25 year olds across the West Midlands. On average 600 people stay with them every night.

For over half a century St Basils have been breaking the cycle of homelessness. Providing a range of outreach, advice, support, accommodation, employability and engagement services. This work answers the real needs of young people, helping them rebuild their lives, gain skills and confidence, find employment and move on.