It's hip to be square

The project began with a photoshoot. One of Birmingham’s finest snappers, Verity Milligan, was behind the lens and used all her skills to capture the space and panoramic views on offer in their best light.

Design took inspiration from the motifs of The Cube’s unmistakable silhouette. This was reflected in the shape and structure of the printed pieces themselves and the graphic elements dotted throughout.

The brochure soon took shape as the One Black Bear wordsmiths put pen to paper and rewrote the existing literature in a style that speaks to the unique character of the building.

In total, two brochures were created – one for retail, and one for the office space available. Now the building, and the happy clients, have promotional materials worthy of this wonderful building.

  • Verity Milligan Photography
  • Kimberley Bishop Design
  • Richard Elwell Copywriting