Live free from fog

Anybody who wears glasses knows that foggy lenses can be a regular problem. But not everyone knows that there’s something they can do to stop fogging happening.

That’s why optical experts ZEISS asked us to help promote their AntiFOG Kit and Wipes; two brilliantly simple products that can actually stop foggy glasses for up to three days.

With foggy glasses being a global problem, ZEISS needed a global campaign that could work from Berlin to Beijing.

This is where our invisible glasses wearer came in. The creation of our lovely, lively CGI character – without a face – allowed us to tell the story of AntiFOG without blowing the budget on endless localisation requirements.

In our creative, this poor person is endlessly plagued with foggy moments to begin with, but we swiftly demonstrate how they can Live Free From Fog, and happily ever after, thanks to the ZEISS AntiFOG range of products.

Rolling out internationally on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Broadcast Video on Demand we created a plethora of assets that elegantly told this tale.


  • Jenny Green & Tristan Vere-Hoose Creative concept
  • Beth Menear Account Director
  • Vijay Ram @ Studio Evo CGI artist
  • Christian Allen @ Cube Audio production
  • tmwi media