Half and half happiness

Pizza toppings can be controversial. (Pineapple, anyone?) That’s why, when we noticed Dodo Pizza were offering half-and-half pizza toppings but their rivals weren’t, we created this neat, reactive campaign to get a slice of the action without spending any dough on production.

When the UK’s most popular pizza takeaway service (cough – Domino’s – cough) stopped making their half and half pizzas, many indecisive pizza lovers weren’t happy.  

But our challenger client – Dodo Pizza – still continued to offer their own cracking half and half pizza combinations. 

So, we spotted a tasty opportunity and created these eye-catching half and half ads that celebrated the availability of half and half pizzas at Dodo pizzerias across the land. 

These ads showcase just a handful of the delicious flavours Dodo offer, and the myriad of weird and wonderful combinations that can be created. 

So, say ‘ciao’ to Mr Lobsteronni, Mrs Chickgoat, and their pizza friends. Which combo creation would you choose? 



  • Jenny Green & Tristan Vere-Hoose Creative Concept
  • Anne-Marie Curran Account Director