A green message, avoiding the colour green

Triton, a British manufacturer of showers for almost fifty years wanted to create awareness of their existing and future sustainability credentials.

Great thing was, Triton already had some long standing green initiatives in place. For example, parts and servicing have always been readily on tap meaning showers are repaired not thrown away. Manufactured to last ten years plus, heating water via electricity has long been the most efficient method – and a category Triton dominates in the UK.

Going forwards however, Triton want to do even more and demonstrate this to customers.

The ambition isn’t a little one by any stretch: To be the most sustainable shower company in the UK.

Showers that use less water and less energy are key to this. But beyond that, every aspect of their business is under scrutiny as they strive to achieve carbon net zero status by 2025 – a full five years ahead of the competition.

So we set to work explaining how they’ll achieve this through a series of fun but direct messages. Imagery has been created with a light touch and paired with purposeful propositions that unfurl through film, press, packaging, posters and a series of internal-comms collateral. As always, we strive to stand out. Avoiding the shower clichés (moody shot of woman in shower) we aim to be different but relevant for our clients and their audience.

The resulting work is playful, yet impactful and thought leading for the sector.

As well as a fresh look and feel, we have introduced a new corporate line for them – For a cleaner conscience. Positioning them as the go-to choice for shower and water heating products for those who care and want to make a difference… without having to compromise on quality or lifestyle.

  • Jon Harrison & Richard Elwell Creative
  • Kate Hartshorn Strategy & Planning
  • Josh Callaghan Illustration