Working from a brief to capture the sentiment that the best things in life aren’t things, we created this new campaign for National Express that highlights the joyful everyday life moments that their unique network makes possible.

From the taste of an ice cream on holiday, to that first hug when you’re reunited with an old friend, to finally managing to get away from it all – National Express is there to get millions of people to some of life’s greatest feelings.

This campaign celebrates the possibility of this service, and together with the Express Yourself positioning, invites the people of the UK to get out there to their good time destinations.

A geographically targeted campaign running all through spring, it can be found across outdoor, social media, video on demand and audio streaming platforms in cities across the UK.

Thanks to the highly flexible nature of the creative idea – something we always start with at One Black Bear – we were able to roll out over 300 unique assets for this campaign across a myriad of shapes, sizes and runtimes.

With video formats brought to life by the remixed vocals of Charles Wright’s classic Express Yourself, we like to think this is a campaign that sings on so many levels.