Selling a sale without selling the brand short.

Lee Longlands Winter Sale Poster

Furniture Retailer Advertising.

A furniture retailer doing a sale. Nothing new there then.

Except, the household emporium chain in question is the prestigious and historical Lee Longlands.

While the rules of advertising in discount silly season still apply (price and product heavy), our job was to add a certain style, elegance and desire to communications. Astonishing.

Discerning shoppers covet furniture from Lee Longlands. The opportunity to grab a chunk of luxury for a little bit less, is one not to be missed.

Add to this, the requirement to launch a new Bristol store within the same creative strategy (and production budget constraints) and the brief became even more nuanced. No problem, these are the challenges we relish and rise to. You’ll never find the Bears sitting back and relaxing. Not even in the run up to Christmas.

The media was planned by Smart Media (Fun fact: they used to be our neighbours back in 2003) and includes TV, outdoor, press, door drops, eCRM, social and PR for the Bristol opening.

Bristol World. MSN. Business Live. Bristol Post. Big Furniture Group. VN Explorer.

Furniture Retailer Advertising.

If you’re looking for an agency you can feel comfortable with, drop us a note saying ‘Don’t let the dog on the sofa’ here.

Lee Longlands - Winter Sale 23/24

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