The story

The site is the new online face of UHB’s new sexual health awareness theme for Birmingham and Solihull, ‘Umbrella’.

Umbrella is a partnership between UHB and key specialist organisations across the region. The Umbrella website helps the programme deliver on a number of key outcomes to improve sexual health and the awareness of sexual health in the region.

The new site aims to give users answers to their sexual health questions quickly and efficiently then direct them toward the right course of action. As such, the site features a powerful ‘find-a-service’ tool that will feature all clinics in the area and the services they offer plus a host of other useful information.

The subject matter has a great deal of myths and hearsay around it and online research can often be confusing and scary. The new Umbrella website seeks to deliver the facts on the complete range of sexual health topics in a number of interesting ways, such as interactive quizzes and video content.

Our specialist developer team also developed a companion ‘patient pathways’ tool that helps advise users who are unsure which Umbrella service they might need. The aim of the tool is to help cut down on the number of patients presenting themselves at a specialist clinic when a simple GP appointment or trip to the chemists would have done the job.

Check it out

You can visit the site here.