Road Safety Campaign

The chosen campaign “Dangerous Driving Ends Lives in a Heartbeat” emphasises the idea that reckless driving has instant, life destroying consequences.

It’s a wake up call to drivers that one moment, one mistake, when driving dangerously, can destroy the lives of others, as well as their own.

It is part of the wider “Operation Triton” which is seeing the WMP crack down on bad driving, and a range of other initiatives, following a series of tragedies on Birmingham’s roads.

This is a cause close to the agency’s heart​. We’re proud to have played our part​ in trying to prevent more families from going through the pain of losing loved ones as a result of dangerous driving.


Road Safety Campaign

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  • Jenny Green & Tristan Vere-Hoose Creative
  • Si Cox Photography & Videography
  • Stu Roll Audio