Warm weather, cold reality.

Advertising campaign for SIFA Fireside

While Christmas often brings out the warmth of human kindness, it’s unfortunate that the same can’t be said for the warmer months. During this time, many individuals tend to overlook the plight of those less fortunate. It’s as if an issue like homelessness miraculously becomes less significant when the weather is pleasant.

The impact of this is very real: homelessness charity SIFA Fireside were finding that donations were drying up every summer. That’s why we’ve helped them launch this campaign, aiming to remind the public that homelessness won’t simply fly away when they do.

Founded in the 1980s, SIFA Fireside work tirelessly to support adults experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness in Birmingham. Their Support Centre is the city’s central hub for adults facing life without a place to call home. They offer an incredible range of responsive services including health clinics, housing advice and financial planning as well as hot meals, showers, clothing and laundry. This campaign is designed to raise funds for SIFA so they can continue their varied and vital work all year round. 

Premium media space to spread this message far and wide across the city has been kindly donated by Ocean Outdoor. Many thanks in particular to Nav Poonia. SLAM Productions have also been wonderfully generous with their photography, filming and retouching skills.

Alongside the OOH campaign, ‘Reserved’ towels have been laid out around the city. But rather than popping down on sunbeds, they have been appearing in homelessness hotspots. Each one a tangible reminder that homelessness doesn’t take a holiday. 

Whether our campaign leaves you cold inside or gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, you can help by clicking here to donate the cost of a sangria.

Advertising campaign for SIFA Fireside