Tackling the toughest brief

As a shocking example of patient mis-treatment, Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust stood alone in dominating the headlines. A catalogue of incidents dating back to 2005 involving neglect, negligence and in some cases, downright incompetence led to soaring patient mortality figures, totally avoidable deaths and endless cases where patients weren't even afforded their dignity.

The Challenge

Following the outcome of the long awaited Francis Report, several recommendations were made but one of the most far reaching directives was to 'decommission' the much maligned Mid-Staff's Trust and replace it with a completely new Trust to be called 'The University Hospital North Midlands' NHS Trust.

The new trust would have a completely new board, trustees and would look to put the bad memories and hangover from Mid-Staff's firmly into a sealed box never to be opened. The ethos would be open, transparent and would first and foremost put quality patient care above anything else.

With this background, it was arguably one of the largest challenges in recent marketing history to get the stakeholders on-side - namely clinicians, politicians, the community and of course, patients both new and existing.

The Solution

Step forward Birmingham marketing agency, One Black Bear to devise a communications and advertising strategy to convey all of the above and our thinking culminated in 'A new kind of trust'. This overarching thought captured exactly what the new trust was about - engendering and re-introducing that all important emotion so badly lost. Additionally, 'A New Kind of Trust' went further and also summarised the new working ethos among staff and other stakeholders in that it represented a totally new beginning.

The campaign has been rolled out across internal comms, outward facing advertising, a website and a large scale Social Media recruitment campaign.

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