#WeAreYou - New campaign for the Police Federation Northern Ireland

We're proud to have teamed up once again with the film production company Tinker Taylor to help raise awareness of the tough and often dangerous job the police take on every day for the Police Federation Northern Ireland (PFNI).

The campaign, entitled We Are You, sought to shed light on the realities of policing in the region and focus on reminding the public (and press) that police officers in Northern Ireland are real people.

We created the materials and emails for the press launch at Stormont, and designed and developed the website which hosted the important and emotional films.

The campaign provoked positive and often emotional responses both locally and from as far afield as the US, where the message struck a chord with all those who have friends and family who work in policing.

The striking and emotionally charged campaign comes on the back of our recent powerful marketing strategy for University Hospitals North Midlands.