As we come out of lockdown, do any of us really want the old normal? Not us, we’re coming back fitter, stronger and more confident so we needed to update our branding to reflect that.

Introducing our new identity.

We’ve had the same logo since we first started the company all those years ago and felt that coming out of lockdown wasn’t just about getting back to normal but more of a new beginning for us as an agency. Alongside a new office (more on that to come) we felt we needed a stronger, more confident look and feel to match our mantra of Be Fierce.

The answer was simple. A black bear in the shape of the No.1. No fluff, no design post-rationalisation, no apologies. It works and reads purely as a visual without the type  in today’s world of tiny avatars.

Enjoy, because we hope you’re going to be seeing a lot more of it. Be Fierce.