What does the battle for the Whitehouse tell us about consumer behaviour? The polls may vary but the outcome will be sadly familiar.

If Hillary gets into the Whitehouse this November we will be looking at the Clinton dynasty matching that of the Bush hold on US power.

Bush Snr was in power from 89-93, Bill then took over up to 01 where he handed the baton back to W who stayed there until 09.

So, let’s assume Mrs Clinton trumps Trump and then stays for two terms until 2024, we’re looking at two families being in charge of the world’s biggest superpower for 27 out of 35 years.

People buy what they know.

As anyone who has attended late night research groups and watched through their fingers as creative ideas are shredded knows, safe (not sex) sells.

Give them what they want and it sails through – but you never change their perception. Challenge them and push them out of their comfort zone a little and it will more than likely bomb – at least you’re moving the dial though and hopefully stand a chance of changing a mind or two. However, it takes a strong Marketing Director (and agency) to continue believing in concepts that have been mauled.

2016 will be a challenge for the US public, when the largest quant survey in the world takes place, will they go for a familiar name (but shock, horror, a woman) or will they revert to type and put a white billionaire in there – and possibly he’ll be a familiar face off the telly.