The idea

Introducing our new social media campaign for National Express that will see us embark on a journey across this amazingly wonderful nation of ours, seeking out the quirkier side of what we get up to.

Travelling the length and breadth of the UK, we will film some brilliant events with our presenter Ben Kane. We’ll also be sending out a team of blogger influencers to cover even more the nation has to offer and finally we’ll unearth some truly delightful events and help promote them through both organic and paid social. A year long strategy creating content that can be used well into the future and will have something new and exciting to talk about every week.

Created against a backdrop of the doom and gloom of Brexit, the concept is a celebration of what makes us as a nation so unique and fun, National Wonders will take in the places that are off the path well trodden – so hop on board and join us as we ask ‘Is this really how the UK spends a day?’

The Jorvik Viking Festival

The Olney Pancake Race

Hallaton Bottle Kicking

Obby Oss Padstow

World Egg Throwing Championships

  • Concept Elwell & Harrison
  • Director Simon Partington
  • Presenter Benjamin Kane
  • Social Alice Hagyard
  • Social Charlotte Greenman
  • Social Jas Ghata-Aura
  • Logo Design Craig Spivey