Nobody is denying that change can be painful and occasionally traumatic but also liberating and rejuvenating.

In order for a caterpillar inside a cocoon to become a butterfly or moth, first it has to digest itself.

By releasing enzymes it dissolves its tissue, turning itself into a mush or ‘caterpillar soup’ before dividing and multiplying those cells to form wings, eyes, antennae and everything else required for its new form.

Pretty drastic, however well worth the effort when you see what emerges at the end of the process.

Having been through such a process, you would rightly think that the new insect would have no recollection of what it once was.

One study though has shown how exposing caterpillars to electric shocks around a certain odour meant that the subsequent moth then avoided that same odour.

So you see, not even the most drastic of changes results in a complete abandonment of the past.

Here at One Black Bear we have undergone many transformations in the work we do, the clients we do it for and indeed the culture within the agency.

Many talented people with wide ranging skill sets have joined us and help shape what we are today.

But this doesn’t mean we forget the past and move on.

To the contrary, we’re passionate about what we were as much as what we’ve become.
Everything we have learned forms all that we do.

Ours is a fast-paced industry and the world can be turned upside down overnight.
Just look at the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go. A month ago you’d have been less surprised to hear that Nintendo had gone bust than to hear that the value of the company had doubled.

Embrace the new and believe that new ideas can change your fortunes and maybe the world.

Nobody is denying that change can be painful and occasionally traumatic but also liberating and rejuvenating.

We’ve worn many hats over the past 13 years and this helps us when working with our clients on real business problems.

More often than not, tweaking round the edges won’t solve anything.
You have to be brave enough and willing to look at problems side on, upside down and try out radical solutions.

Our best client relationships are when we can get under the skin of the challenges the business faces, not just what ad we put in a given booked space.

By drawing on the experience and knowledge of our people we can approach briefs with an open and diverse mind, then look to solve them in the best way possible, not do the same old solutions delivering the same old results.

If you feel the relationship you have with your agency is in a bit of a tight, restraining cocoon, break out, we’d love to talk to you about how we can help you spread your wings.